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Who we are

Cactus London was formed in 2016 by Sarah Williams. Her mission is to share her own enthusiasm for art and to make collecting art an accessible, enjoyable and deeply rewarding experience.

What we do

At Cactus London we have a different, more personal approach to the process of buying art. All the work showcased on our website is available to purchase directly; our speciality, however, is in connecting potential clients with artists by arranging studio visits, giving a much more vivid insight into the work. Individual pieces can also be viewed at the client’s home or office; however many of our customers find that meeting the artist and learning more about how they work deepens their relationship with the work of art they eventually make part of their home.

Help and advice for art buyers

A unique work of art can make a huge difference to your living space and your life but many of us have too little time for all the research involved or are simply unsure where to start. As part of our mission to make the process of buying art a stress-free and entirely pleasurable experience, we offer a free advisory service. We listen to what you are visualising for your home or workplace, however vague or specific that vision. Drawing on our connection with 100s of artists and galleries, we will then present you with a range of options to suit you and your budget. We guarantee to match you with a work of art you’ll love.

Ermina Avramidou

Laurence Perratzi

Vaughan James

Matthew Webber

Gina Soden

Tom Cartmill

Benjamin Buckley

Ben Gooding

Brian Neish

Max Naylor

Carol Wagstaff

Aisling Drennan

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